Noi Bai Airport Hotel

Khách sạn sân bay Nội Bài

Hanoi Airport Hotel

Hotel near Hanoi Airport (+84) 243 584 3636
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Reservation Procedure

VATC SleepPod is available for everyone in need. Please follow these steps to book a room.

1) Bring your identity documents such as ID Cards/ Passport to VATC Receptionist pod in 2nd Floor or 3rd Floor, Entry of T1 Terminal, Noi Bai International Airport. Contact us: (84) 43 584 3636

Receptionist Pod is located in 2nd Floor, Entry of T1 Terminal, Noi Bai International Airport

Receptionist Pod seen from 3rd Floor of Noi Bai Airport

2) Check-in

To choose suitable type of room, you can click to see more: ROOM TYPES

To see detail pricelist, click here PRICELIST (Contact us as (84) 43 584 3636 to get best price)


Customer checking-in

3. Receptionist shall guide you up to 3rd Floor


Room Lines located in the centre of 3rd Floor, Entry of T1 Terminal, Noi Bai International Airport

VATC Receptionist will always be there in case you need the help

Check room for you

 4. Use the room and check-out: Customers will get free drink and snack while enjoying SleepPod. Receptionist will always be there and help you as much as possible whenever you need.

To help VATC’s services more perfect, we greatly appreciate the suggestions from you!


In order to improve the quality of the service VATC offers, we are looking forward to hear your feed-back!

Website will support you online 24/24 immediately whenever you request, query or need help!

With our warmth, considerateness, with professional service from the young and dynamic team of staffs, we are confident to please you!
We want you to know that you will always be welcomed and served with the best we could when you come to us.

Thank you very much!

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